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As the market demands more filtration options, American Carbon Block set out to produce and supply higher quality filtration products than are currently out there. American Carbon Block uses the best media available and the process from start to finish utilizes the most innovative technological advancements available today.

Carbon-block2When choosing a manufacturer to produce your custom carbon blocks there are a few factors to consider. Is the manufacture flexible to meet the buyer’s needs from design, to prototype capabilities, to consistent quality?  Do they have the experience and industry knowledge to guide the buyer through the design phase? Is the manufacturer capable of handling a wide range of production requirements? Does the manufacture have experience in the stringent certification process when working with NSF/ANIS?  Most of all is the manufacture committed to meeting and exceeding the buyer’s expectations throughout the process?

American Carbon Block’s entire team works closely with our customers to produce the most capable carbon block to meet your needs.  Every project is managed by a Program Manager located at Paragon’s USA office.  The Program Manager works closely with the customer to develop product specifications and program goals. Having our carbon blocks Made in the USA gives your project manager access to the production process first hand, ensuring greater quality control.  American Carbon Block prides itself on our capabilities to create the necessary tooling and equipment to meet our customer’s specifications. We have a dedicated team to ensure all certifications are obtained per our customers’ requirements. Once these items have been accomplished, the Production Manager will then coordinate all production and delivery schedules with the customer. The Production Manager can also provide the necessary logistics to deliver the product anywhere in the world the customer requires.

Carbon Block CTO Plus Filter

Product Overview

The CB Series of carbon block are manufactured using activated coconut shell carbon to provide the highest level of chlorine, taste, and odor reduction of drinking water. Each block is wrapped with a polypropylene outer layer and netting to prevent premature clogging of the carbon block. All materials and components are FDA compliant making them ideal for use in residential and commercial drinking water applications.

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